Our Story

Swoop Storage at Emory is a division of University Storage, which was originally founded by Southern Methodist University undergrad Trey Williams in 2013. Over the next 4 years, Williams refined the business model and continued to perfect the service for SMU students. In 2017, Williams began expansion by establishing franchises at several universities including High Point University, where Vincent Tran became the campus manager.

Vincent excelled as the Campus Manager in his first year of operation at High Point. Vincent's hard work and vision for further expansion of the company to additional schools in North Carolina and the southeast earned him a management position with University Storage.

In 2019, Vincent purchased the company from Williams and is currently working toward perfecting the High Point business and also expanding to new schools.

Our Mission

It to provide reliable and seamless service with integrity and transparency. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with University Storage. And, to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of motivated and hard working university students.

At University Storage, we believe expansion to each new campus is an opportunity to positively impact that community. This isn't just about the number of items we can store at each campus. We firmly believe in creating a relationship with the community we are serving - students, alumni and faculty alike. At every university we serve, we strive to exclusively employ students and alumni when assembling our customer service and moving team.

We strive to continually refine our process to achieve the best possible service for the lowest possible price for every single customer. We always appreciate feedback to help us continue to achieve this goal.

Interested in Joining the Team?